Connect Groups are the place where we can come together and take the time to unpack, absorb and be encouraged to embody, our God-given purpose – Jesus gives life to the full, live it and share.

CGs are brilliant because they bring us back and re-calibrate us to our purpose. They are a safe environment to slow down, take a breath, be heard, listen and go a little bit deeper, to a heart level that creates the doorway to that authentic community and connection we so desire.

By being intentional about a CG in 2017 we are making space for

Connection to God – His word, His presence, His love, His purpose

Connection to our church community – build great friendships with people who will encourage us, challenge us and help us on our journey.

Connection to the +1 heartbeat of God, and C3HH – we will be motivated to push past the “me focus” of our world and be inspired to step out of our comfort zones and be intentional about helping those distant from God to take a step closer to him.

CGs - it’s who we are and what we do as His church.

We The Church

Adult Connect Groups for Semester 1 begin the week of Monday 13th February.


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CG meetings generally run for between 60 & 90 minutes.

CGs run weekly, fortnightly & monthly, generally on Wednesday night. Please check the CG info above for exact days and times.

CGs are FREE! There will be no secret offerings taken up! If your group is going through a book or DVD series, your CG leader may recommend purchasing the relevant resource. *Not including C3 College groups. See the College page for more details on costings for the course.

You can expect to get to know people in the group, to build connection and relationships. You can expect warm, friendly CG leaders, who will do that they can to help you feel comfortable, like you belong, and your opinions heard. You can expect to grow through biblical-based discussion – sometimes involving a DVD series, a book, a sermon or devotional guide. Sometimes it will be robust and you will hear different views, but it will always be relevant and involving YOU! You can expect prayer, support and encouragement to live your best life, and to help others live theirs.
You may attend a CG and realise it is not the right fit for you for a variety of reasons. Different stage of life, location, and content are examples. Please tell the CG leader and ask them if they know of a CG that would be a better fit. Alternatively, contact Ben Gould at

Most of us will not be able to attend every single CG. Although we will make a commitment to our group, other things will come up now and again. That’s cool. Please organise to let your CG leader know when you will not be attending.

The majority of CGs are run in people’s homes, located in suburbs to the North of Perth. Check with your CG leader for specific addresses.
The CG leaders are mature, faithful, passionate, trained, volunteers who love God and His church. Many are professionals in the marketplace, some are skilled tradespeople, some are studying, some are mums and dad raising kids, some are retired. All are committed to seeing you connect and grow.



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